In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Regina Riot, the Saskatchewan Archives is pleased to provide you this sample of records pertaining to the events of that time. It features selected images of the Trekkers, the riot and the eyewitness testimony collected from the Regina Riot Inquiry Commission.


This page features a series of telegrams sent between Prime Minister R.B. Bennett, and Saskatchewan’s Premier James G. Gardiner over the weeks spanning June and July of 1935. The correspondence discusses the issue of the trekkers '  continued presence in ReginaGardiner’s insistence that the marchers leave the Province by the same way they entered, transported by the C.P.R., and Bennett’s continued assertion that the trekkers presence on the railways was unlawful and needed to be stopped at all costs. It is through this reason of providing aid to the C.P.R that Bennett prevailed upon the RCMP and Government of Saskatchewan to stop the trekkers from continuing eastward. In this correspondence it must be noted that Bennett never states that he is afraid of the trekkersprotest and the problems their presence in Ottawa might cause him, rather he talks around the topic and finds other reasons to detain the trekkers in Regina. The last few telegrams intone upon the issues of the riot itselfits aftermath and implications.