In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Regina Riot, the Saskatchewan Archives is pleased to provide you this sample of records pertaining to the events of that time. It features selected images of the Trekkers, the riot and the eyewitness testimony collected from the Regina Riot Inquiry Commission.


On July 10, 1935, in the aftermath of the riot, an official inquiry was held by the Government of Saskatchewan for the purpose of looking into the journey of the trekkers from Vancouver to Regina, as well as the riot itself and the local events that lead up to it. The Regina Riot Inquiry Commission examined in detail the trekkers' stay in Regina, attempts to disband and stop the trekkers from moving eastward, and the actions and motivations of the police, trekkers, and citizens of Regina both before and after the riot. 359 witnesses were examined by the Commission, two examples of which are presented below. The testimonies of Clarence Mason and John L. Smith, trekkers from British Columbia, have been taken from Volume 25 of the Record of Proceedings at Regina from the Regina Riot Inquiry Commission, pages 141-167, December 20, 1935.